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SMP Advisory Board

The SMP Advisory Board consists of experienced breeders of different Betta species from around the world. The Advisory Board links the SMP's efforts with existing breeding programs in other parts of the world and is a conduit for resources to flow in to our program. Members of the SMP Advisory Board share experiences regarding different species of Betta. They also help to gather and disseminate accurate information on the specific requirements pertinent to each species' care and breeding.

With the aid of the SMP Advisory Board, the SMP aids IBC members in identifying the different species of Betta and keeps the IBC abreast of the latest developments in taxonomical and nomenclatural developments within the genus. The Advisory Board has been an invaluable resource in the ongoing development of the catalog of all described and known but not yet described species of Betta listed on this site.

Current SMP Advisory Board members are:

North America
Dr. Gene Lucas (USA)
Marleen Janson (USA)
South America
Victor Martin Bassino
Mark Koh (Singapore)
Jesda Attavichit (Thailand)
Michael Lo (Borneo)
Nonn Panitvong (Thailand)
Michael Schlüter (Germany)
Stefan van der Voort (Netherlands)

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