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Catalog no. USNM 00331795
Name used: Betta akarensis
Main reference: Anon., 2001. Fish collection database of the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution).. Smithsonian Institution - Division of Fishes.  [155]
Museum: USNM
Locality: Brunei: Daerah Belait: Trib. Stream of Sungai Belaitbetween Kuala Balai and Badas, Downstream from Lrp 93-76.
Field no.: LRP 93-77
Ecological information: Rainforest Stream That Drains Peat Swamp Forest. Bottom: Mud, Leaf Litter, Fallen Logs, And Branches. Dist. Shore 0-1 M. Area Sampled: 100 M. Water Temp. 27 Deg C. Turbidity: Clear, Blackwater. Current Slight to Swift. Depth Water: 0-1 M. Ph 3.8
Water depth: 0 - .5 M
Date: July 28, 1993
Collector: Parenti, L.R. et al.

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