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Betta ideii
Tan & Ng 2006



Male Betta ideii

Photo by Colin Dunlop


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Keeping Betta ideii from an Aquarist View


Betta ideii should be kept in tanks of 20 gallons or larger.  Groups can be kept in tanks of 30 gallons or larger.

Water Conditions

Not critical, ideii is very tolerant of water chemistry and thrives in almost any type of water as long as it is clean and well filtered however soft acidic water is preferred for spawning.  They should be kept at cool to mid 70s F.


Males have a broader head then females and have more of a point in the dorsal fin.  Males may also have a larger extension of their bottom lips.


Ideii is a paternal mouthbrooder and the male incubates from 13 to 18 days with 14 days being very consistent.  Incubation time can vary with water temperature.  Females normally initiate spawning.

Similar Species Similar species would be unimaculata complex fish.
Identification Ideii males have an orange flash spot in the cheek.



Original Citation Tan & Ng 2006
References Tan, H.H. and P.K.L. Ng, 2006. Six new species of fighting fish (Teleostei: Osphronemidae: Betta) from Borneo. Ichthyol. Explor. Freshwat. 17(2):97-114. 
Type Locality Kalimantan Selantan in Borneo
Miscellaneous Information Max Size:


pH range:  
dH range  
Temperature range:  
Reproduction: Paternal Mouthbrooder.

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Betta species
Photo by  [Mark Denaro]

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