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Betta anabatoides
Bleeker 1851

Betta sp.aff.anabatoides
Betta sp. aff. anabatoides
Photo by TEAM BORNEO (6)

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Keeping Betta anabantoides in Captivity from an Aquarists view

Housing Betta anabantoides can be housed in pairs, species tanks and community tanks.  Pairs should be housed in a minimum of 20 gallon however a 30 gallon is preferable.  Pairs should have cover such as caves and plants.  In a species or pair tank fry could be discovered in the tanks.  For best results remove brooding males or all other fish.
Water Conditions Not critical, anabantoides is very tolerant of water chemistry as long as the water is well filtered and clean.  Should be kept in mid 70s F.
Sexing Males have a broader head then females and much longer pelvic fins.  Males will also develop brighter irridescence.  
Reproduction Anabantoides is a paternal mouthbrooder.
Similar Species Anabantoides complex members.
Identification Currently the only species are listed as cf. that differ from anabantoides.

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Original Citation

Bleeker, P. 1851. [31]

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Type Locality Bandjarmasin, Borneo, Indonesia.
Countries Indonesia
Preserved Specimens USNM 00230335:  Indonesia: Borneo: Sungai Serundung.  [155]
BMNH 1983.3.30.1-6:  Indonesia: Indonesia, East Kalimantan.  [154]
BMNH 1912.12.10.36-40:  Indonesia: Bunguran Island.  [154]
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ZMH 18595:  Indonesia: Sumatra.  [157]
CAS 133201:  Malaysia.  [156]
Miscellaneous Information Max Size:

12.0 cm TL

pH range:

4.5 - 4.8

dH range 1.0
Temperature range: 27 - 30C
Reproduction: Mouthbrooder

Last modification submitted by Gerald Griffin 05.17.08 (mm.dd.yy)

Betta anabatoides habitat      
Betta anabatoides habitat
Photo by TEAM BORNEO [6]

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