The SMP Slide Show Program

The SMP slide show program has been developed by SMP chair Gerald Griffin as a teaching tool to introduce and educate everyone from a general fish keeping audience to IBC judges about wild Betta species. This program is available to all chapters of the IBC and other aquarium societies free of charge and can be downloaded on request.

If you are interested in giving this presentation, please contact Gerald Griffin for a username and password to access the protected download area.

General Program Information:

SMP Slide Show v3.1

Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt)
Size: 23.2 MB
Author: Gerald Griffin - IBC SMP chairman
Copyright 2005 IBC Inc.

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For those with slow connection speeds, you can receive a copy of the program on CD for a nominal fee (incl. domestic S&H) of 10.00 USD. Any proceeds from the sale benefit the SMP. Please contact Gerald Griffin for shipping and payment information.