About the IBC Species Maintenance Program

Over the last several years, we have seen a rise in the interest in Betta species among our membership. Due to the efforts of a few of our members, many new species of Betta have found their way to the United States. A practical and long term SMP is an integral part of the future IBC. The SMP is a program that places emphasis on the propagation and conservation of all species of the genus Betta, particularly those that are endangered or threatened with the possibility of extinction.

Key to this goal is an organized SMP that functions as the clearinghouse and resource center for all existing available information, promotes continued research to learn as much as we can about these species and their needs, provides stock cataloging, breeder networking and offers judging guidance. In order to achieve these goals, we plan to begin implementation of the following objectives immediately:

SMP Advisory Board. The SMP Advisory Board consists of experienced breeders of different Betta species from around the world. The SMP Advisory Board links our efforts with existing breeding programs in other parts of the world and serves as a conduit for resources to flow in to our program. Members of the SMP Advisory Board share their experiences regarding different species of Betta. In addition, they help to gather and disseminate accurate information on the specific requirements pertinent to each species' care and breeding.

Advise the IBC Judging Board. In addition to it's role in the conservation of the different species of Betta, the SMP, upon request, provides advice to the Judging Board regarding the development of new standards for the different Betta species. The SMP also keeps the Judging Board apprised of updates as they become available and make suggestions as it sees fit.

Species Identification. With the aid of the SMP Advisory Board, the SMP aids IBC members in identifying the different species of Betta and keeps the IBC abreast of the latest developments in taxonomical and nomenclatural within the genus. Also with the help of the Advisory Board, the SMP maintains a catalog of all described and known but not yet described species of Betta. This catalog includes reviews of the original description with pictures.

Stock Maintenance. An official directory of breeders of different species of Betta has been established. This directory is used to help locate available stock. Breeders of the different species of Betta are encouraged to record their spawns with the SMP Spawn Log. A key factor of the SMP Spawn Log is its lineage detail. This is vital in maintaining a genetically diverse captive population. Breeders interested in breeding and maintaining the different species of Betta have access to this Spawn Log and can use it as a tool for selecting appropriate pairs.

Public Relations. The IBC SMP program has it's own separate website under the umbrella of the IBC. This website serves as the primary means of information sharing (in addition to FLARE!).

Slide Show Program. A slide show program has been developed and made available to all chapters of the IBC and other aquarium societies.

Species Complex Management Program.  The IBC SMPís Species Complex Management Program is where our program transcends beyond the level of providing up-to-date information and provides an opportunity for the IBC and its members to play a vital role in conservation to ensure that species Bettas will survive, if not in the wild, than at least in captivity. The IBC SMP Complex Management Program works with individual breeders to maintain logs of spawns in addition to stock offerings. Stock offerings through the IBC-SMP-CMP are provided both by means of distribution from spawns logged with the IBC SMP as well as out-crossing to unrelated wild stock or other captive populations.

Yahoo Group.  The IBC SMP uses a Yahoo Group as a means convey information to group members quickly and efficiently.  For more information go to the Contact Page.